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  • Project Ludus Project
  • Duration 06 Months
  • Category Web Development, Mobile Development

Ludus Project

Ludus Project is a website and mobile application that provides training to parents and teachers for children of various age groups to play sports while having fun. Our expert team has developed and published this European Union-supported project, and has been updating it for years. You can view the project from the links below.

The Ludus Project was developed in order to help parents and teachers provide more engaging activities for their children, especially by playing sports. The program aims at improving the quality of life of children who are engaged in physical activity, as well as enhancing their motivation to participate in physical activity.

The project starts with basic education on how to play the sport in question, including rules, equipment and safety precautions. It also teaches how to organize recreational activities based on specific needs of each group (youngsters with special needs).

Additionally, it provides a platform where users can download games and exercises created by experts.

We used the following technologies to build this project:

  • Laravel in Back-end Development
  • PHP in Rest Api Development
  • MySQL in Database Development
  • React Native in iOS and Android Mobile Development
  • Html5, CSS3, JavaScript in Front-end Development
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